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Trish Slattery
has joined the CQ Partners team. Trish has worked in the energy industry for over 20 years and is a valuable addition to the CQ Partners team.

Jim Tjia
has joined the CQ Partners team in the role of energy trader. Jim has more than 20 years experience in energy trading.

Ryan Wilson and Nick Eades
have joined CQ Partners in the roles of Energy Analysts. Both Ryan and Nick have exceptional academic qualifications combined with several years of work experience. They are great additions to the CQ team.

Consulting Methodology

Every client has different requirements and objectives. CQ Partners is flexible in its approach to servicing its clients and will work with them to ensure that we provide the most appropriate advice that best suits the requirements and objectives of the task or project.

CQ Partners has a proven approach for ensuring that the optimal solution is provided to the client. This client focused approach leverages the expertise and knowledge of the CQ Partners practitioners to develop the optimal solution whilst also ensuring the client remains in control of the project.

Consulting Methodology

Define Preliminary meetings to define the project.
Review supporting documentation.
Clarify the requirements.
Define & agree project scope & action plan
Analysis & Understand Research & undertake qualitative & quantitative analysis.
Identify the opportunities.
Develop Solutions Refine practical, workable & commercial solutions.
Agree & Execute Deliver the solution, & where appropriate, implement. Commercial solution
Knowledge Transfer Document solution & support client through implementation & operation.  Documentation & training
Review & Monitoring Continuous improvement via ongoing assessment, monitoring & analysis of new information & lessons learnt.  Provision of ongoing advice
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