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Trish Slattery
has joined the CQ Partners team. Trish has worked in the energy industry for over 20 years and is a valuable addition to the CQ Partners team.

Jim Tjia
has joined the CQ Partners team in the role of energy trader. Jim has more than 20 years experience in energy trading.

Ryan Wilson and Nick Eades
have joined CQ Partners in the roles of Energy Analysts. Both Ryan and Nick have exceptional academic qualifications combined with several years of work experience. They are great additions to the CQ team.


CQ Partners is an active contributor to the community. As a business we believe in supporting the community and there are many ways in which we achieve this.

We are a major sponsor for the West Torrens Birkalla Soccer Club. West Torrens Birkalla is a community based sporting organisation with a strong focus on junior sport.

CQ Partners has worked closely with West Torrens Birkalla to develop and implement the Birkalla Solar Project. This highly successful project involved the installation of 20KW of solar panels at the community facility and effectively eliminated their ongoing electricity costs. This provides significant long term direct savings to Birkalla and additional indirect environmental benefits for the broader community through the use of renewable energy. CQ Partners partnered with the SA Government to meet the full cost of the project.

CQ Partners is a sponsor of the Variety SA Bash. Variety is a childrens charity. It is a professionally run, international organisation dedicated to inspiring hope and enriching the lives of children in need under the age of 18. The Variety SA Bash is the most successful fundraising event in SA raising in excess of $1.8m per year for children in need.

CQ Partners has also undertaken projects for local organisations and businesses on either a pro-bono or non-commercial basis.

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