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Trish Slattery
has joined the CQ Partners team. Trish has worked in the energy industry for over 20 years and is a valuable addition to the CQ Partners team.

Jim Tjia
has joined the CQ Partners team in the role of energy trader. Jim has more than 20 years experience in energy trading.

Ryan Wilson and Nick Eades
have joined CQ Partners in the roles of Energy Analysts. Both Ryan and Nick have exceptional academic qualifications combined with several years of work experience. They are great additions to the CQ team.

about us

CQ Partners was established in 2008 to provide corporate advice and services in electricity, gas and renewables.

The three founding Partners have worked together as a team for over a decade. Each Partner is regarded as an industry expert with over 15 years of experience in the Australian energy and financial markets. The Partners are supported by a team of highly regarded and experienced energy industry practitioners. It is this extensive experience and expertise combined with a focus on commercial solutions that has driven the success of CQ Partners.

CQ Partners is recognised as one of the leading energy advisory firms in Australia and has developed a substantial client base both within Australia and overseas.

The industry sectors that have utilised the services of CQ Partners include:

  • National Electricity Market participants
  • WA energy market participants (SWIS and NWIS)
  • International and Australian investors in the energy sector (equity and debt)
  • listed Australian companies
  • large consumers of energy
  • transmission and distribution companies
  • gas pipeline companies
  • water utilities
  • renewable energy participants and proponents
  • regulatory bodies & industry associations

CQ Partners is committed to providing tailored commercial solutions to meet the requirements of its clients. The expertise of the companys practitioners ensures the delivery of a wide range of energy sector solutions on behalf of clients in electricity, gas, carbon and renewable energy,

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